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Delight your callers by safely routing their calls hands-free, automating everyday repetitive tasks, and increasing access to timely information using the latest advances in Communications Automation technologies from Incendonet.  Our SpeechBridge® family of products encompasses cost-effective advanced solutions that fit the needs of every enterprise, large or small.  SpeechBridge grows with you as you further integrate Communications Automation into your operations.

Virtual Receptionist

Improve service and speed up call routing by allowing callers to speak the name of the individual or department, and a sub-menu for other common requests.

  • No more “dial by name” pain or keypad frustration – just say the name and be connected
  • Automate routine call transfers, minimize distractions and free up employees for more complex inquiries
  • Provide a consistent and professional caller experience at a fraction of the cost of live operators

E-mail and Calendar Access

100% hands-free and eyes-free access to e-mail and calendars* using simple spoken commands when on the go.

  • Comply with hands-free cell phone usage laws
  • Speech-access through simple commands
  • Increased mobility and productivity for your workforce

* Microsoft Exchange 2003 or higher

Menu Editor

Create more natural customer interactions with conversational call flows that support custom speech commands.  Build out single or multi-level call flows using our Menu Editor in your favorite browser.

  • Rapidly prototype and test new menus in seconds
  • Use the bundled TTS for prompts during usability testing
  • Upload professionally recorded prompts when you’re ready

Custom IVR Applications

Need a Communications Automation application built around your unique business needs?  Talk to one of our solution architects, we can help you with everything from requirements gathering to acceptance testing.

  • Customer account queries: account balances, due dates
  • Appointments: availability lookup, confirmation, rescheduling, cancellation
  • Timely status:  hours of operation, event schedule, hazard info, surf reports
  • Third party integrations:  web services (REST or SOAP), SQL databases, custom APIs


Voicemail-to-Text automatically* transcribes your incoming voicemails and sends you an email with the text content.

  • Quickly scan your incoming voicemails without having to listen to the entire message
  • Discretely check your voicemail in meetings, movie theaters, concert halls, and anywhere you can’t hear

Contact us to take part in the beta program!

* Note that the transcription is automatic, and the accuracy may be hampered by poor audio quality.

How Does it Work?

SpeechBridge integrates with your telephone system over a type of connection known as a SIP trunk, which allows it to receive, transfer, and make calls over your phone network.  We’ve made this incredibly easy with SpeechBridge, and in fact it requires no VoIP configuration thanks to our intelligent interpretation and routing of the VoIP messages.

SpeechBridge also makes it easy to integrate with your back office IT systems.  In addition to being able to synchronize with Active Directory to automatically keep your Virtual Receptionist always up to date, SpeechBridge can also import user directory data from a number of PBXes, or a CSV file if you prefer.  SpeechBridge can integrate with third party systems with either REST or SOAP web services, and native support for most popular SQL databases is built in.

We offer a number of choices when it comes to speech recognition engines and text-to-speech voices, in multiple languages, but the complexities of working with them are hidden behind a friendly web user interface.  For developers, we offer an open, standards based platform for building almost any application you can imagine.  We also offer professional services to help you design and build custom applications to fit your unique needs.

Software Platforms

Whether you are a small business implementing an automated speech solution for the first time, or a large multi-site enterprise with call centers already in place, there is a SpeechBridge to enhance your business communications.

Small Office & SMB

SpeechBridge Small Office (SO) is designed for small business or remote offices that are looking to automated call routing, a consistent and professional experience for callers, and eliminate employee distractions.

SpeechBridge SMB adds a speech interface to email and calendars, supports a larger directory, and can service higher call volumes than Small Office.  SMB also provides an upgrade path to SMB+ or Pro.

SMB+ & Pro

SpeechBridge SMB+ is ideal for small and medium sized organizations looking for a complete speech application solution that supports custom IVR applications, higher call volumes, additional customization options, and can be upgraded to Pro.

SpeechBridge Pro is offered for larger organizations with higher call volumes and more complex IVR application needs.  Pro includes an enhanced Text-To-Speech engine, support for large company directories, and additional customization options.

Contact Center

SpeechBridge Contact Center builds on Pro to bring telco-grade to the SpeechBridge family. Its load-balanced symmetric-failover configuration ensures that your speech applications achieve your high-availability requirements.  Various options for redundancy, load balancing and failover are offered to meet your specific needs.

Compare Products

SpeechBridge Model SMB SMB+ Pro HA Pro
Typical Customer Deployment 25 – 100 employees 100 – 250 employees, small call centers Medium enterprises, call centers Large enterprises, call centers
Say the name
Say the department
More options menu
Aliases and nicknames support
Custom greeting prompts
After hours greetings
Holiday prompts
Text-To-Speech prompts
Text-To-Speech confirmations
Tuning interface
Alternate number support
VoIP Ready
Active Directory sync
PBX directory import
DTMF support
Turn-key appliance
Software-only appliance
VMware OVA
Virtual operators (ports) 2 to 4 2 to 8 4 – unlimited 8 – unlimited
Speech-enabled email*
Speech-enabled calendars*
Directory sync
Directory groups support +
Menu Editor +
Custom applications +
Web Services integration +
Customer database integration +
High-Availability Option

* Exchange 2003 or higher required

Deployment Options

SpeechBridge is an open, standards-based platform that works with SIP standard IP-PBXes, and the most popular application development environments:

On-premise, cloud, or a hybrid – you choose. Pick the delivery vehicle that best matches your preferred IT environment.

Hardware Appliance

The quickest way to bring Communications Automation to your enterprise.  Rack it up and you can be running the applications included with SpeechBridge in under an hour.

Software Installer

Standardized on a particular server vendor?  Not a problem. Our installer builds your server from scratch to be a fully functional SpeechBridge appliance with minimal input from you.

Virtualized & Cloud

SpeechBridge also works great virtualized.  Our OVA comes pre-configured with everything you’ll need to run SpeechBridge in VMware vSphere.