Partnering with Incendonet

The Incendonet Channel Partner Program was designed to give VoIP solution providers and system integrators a comprehensive line of speech recognition solutions that integrate seamlessly into today’s business communications systems.

Whether you provide products, services, or solutions, a partnership with Incendonet is a major step forward in ensuring your continued business success.  Offered as turnkey appliances, virtual machines, and cloud hosted instances, the SpeechBridge® family of solutions gives your customers access to information and core enterprise systems through simple, straight forward voice commands.

Become an Incendonet Partner
If you are interested in becoming an authorized Incendonet partner, contact us online or call us and say “Partners”.

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If you are an OEM of VoIP or Unified Communications solutions and would like to enhance your offerings by adding speech recognition capabilities, then you have come to the right place.  Incendonet offers multiple options for working with OEMs to shorten your time to market, add new revenue streams, and differentiate your products from your competitors.  To learn more about how you can work with our team to create a private labeled version or integrate our solutions into yours, please contact us online or call us and say “Partners”.


Incendonet relies upon its exceptional network of channel partners to deliver comprehensive solutions that create a competitive advantage for their end customers. We partner with leading telephone system and Unified Communications resellers and system integrators who specialize in deploying the latest IP telephony solutions.  To learn more about becoming an Incendonet Reseller Partner, please contact us online or call us and say “Partners”.


If you are a distributor of VoIP and Unified Communications Solutions and are interested in solutions that can increase the ROI of these and other IT network investments then we can help.  We will show you how our SpeechBridge solutions are a complimentary add-on to your current product line and can be bundled with the majority of SIP based IP-PBX and Unified Communications systems available today. To learn more please contact us online or call us and say “Partners”.