Featured Case Study:  Sierra Pacific Industries


When a single spark can set thousands of acres of timberland a blaze and cause hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, all safeguards must be taken to protect our nation’s forests. Sierra Pacific Industries uses the latest technology to analyze and report fire dangers to responsibly manage its timberland.

Sierra Pacific Industries provides all employees and contractors with the latest information regarding potential fire dangers via a toll free number. Employees were recording audio prompts on a daily basis to provide the information for the PAL Forrest Report. When a single spark can means hundreds of millions of dollars of damage, manual processes prone to human error are not an option.

SpeechBridge retrieves the data from the PAL program and generates audio prompts with Text-To-Speech. Callers select their area and hear the latest information for the timberland they will be working. Reports are updated at regular intervals in a 100% automated fashion.

•  Eliminates any potential for human error when recording audio prompts.
•  Saves time for employees previously tasked with manually recording information for each district.
•  Fire reports can be updated instantly when conditions change and new information is available.

“SpeechBridge is one of many ways we use the latest technology to help monitor fire conditions with our PAL forecasts.  Automating the daily report saves time and ensures accuracy.”
Chris Gumm, Senior Network Engineer, Sierra Pacific Industries

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Safe, Hands-free Call Routing

When your callers are out at job sites 24/7/365, you need solutions that make it safe and easy to communicate. Better serve your callers with safe, hands-free Communications Automation.

“Callers are greeted with instructions to simply say the name of the person or the department they wish to reach. They speak their request and no longer struggle with cell phone keypads to route their calls.”
Denise Brunner
Director Telecommunications


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Automating Thousands of Inquiries Every Day

When you have a high volume of inquiries and need to provide advanced self-service solutions, better serve your callers and save money with Communications Automation.

“Implementing SpeechBridge has allowed us to service a high volume of inquiries from motorists needing wait times and address information without having to add a significant number of live agents.”
Richard Fitzherbert
Executive Implementation Manager


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Free Up Employees for More Complex Tasks

When promoting healthy living for residents in 20 counties across three states, automating routine call transfers can assist with properly allocating resources. Minimize employee distractions and improve call routing with Communications Automation.

“SpeechBridge services routine call transfers and minimizes distractions of other employees, who are then free to focus on more complex tasks.”
Cliff Hastings
Director Information Technology


Download the Case Study (PDF)