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Make your phone system smarter with SpeechBridge! Rather than hunting and pecking at the keypad or waiting in queue for a live operator, callers speak simple requests to safely and quickly service their call. SpeechBridge can answer common questions, automate routine call transfers, eliminate mundane tasks, and free up employees for more challenging tasks.

Everyday Problems Solved by SpeechBridge

Your Customers:

  • Hunting and pecking on their smartphone while on the go, to use antiquated IVRs
  • Having to leave a message with an answering service when calling for help after hours
  • Waiting on hold for a service representative to take their call
  • Trying to spell their account rep’s name with number keys in “dial by name”
  • Even just finding the number-pad on their smartphone while barreling down the freeway
  • Wishing they could just answer a simple question or two to easily get the information they need

Within Your Organization:

  • Precious man-hours wasted just routing inbound callers
  • Employees being interrupted just to transfer a call to another team member
  • Customer service reps having to answer the same mundane questions over and over
  • Road warriors trying to read a tiny screen to check their email or calendar
  • Scrolling or searching through lengthy contact lists
  • Maintaining phone lists that aren’t synced with Active Directory
  • Telemarketers bothering busy employees

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Every SpeechBridge appliance includes a suite of time-saving enhanced-mobility applications ready to go right out of the box, that easily integrate with SIP standard IP-PBXes. You can be ready to go in under an hour with each of these applications

Need a custom application built around your specific requirements? Contact us to be connected with an Incendonet Certified Solution Partner near you to spec out your application and get it built on time and on budget.


Virtual Receptionist

Just say the name of the employee or the department and get connected. No more phone lists, no more spelling bees, no more keypad frustration.
Have you tried to dial an extension or spell a person’s name while driving? Not the easiest or safest task while barreling down the freeway. Automate routine call transfers and minimize employee distractions.


Menu Editor

You may be using simple, press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service…etc. auto-attendants today. Create more natural conversational interactions with simple spoken commands to enhance your menus.
Easy to build and even easier to use. The simplest way to add voice activation and improve service for your callers.


Custom IVR Applications

The ability to ask simple questions and read back variable information without being limited to the keypad opens up a new world of possibilities to better serve your callers.
Build custom IVR applications with Web-services support for back end systems integration or connection to SQL databases. Contact us today to connect with a Certified SpeechBridge partner to define your requirements.

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What Business Objectives Can SpeechBridge Help You With?

Eliminate Key-pad Frustration

Today more than half of the calls to businesses originate from a cell phone. Did you know that certain phone systems and wireless carriers have issues with properly passing keypad presses to business phone systems? Have you tried dialing a name from your smart phone while on the go?

Comply with Hands-free Cell Phone Laws

44 out of 50 states have passed distracted driving laws where it is illegal to use your phone or the keypad while driving. In many states, this is a primary offense and fines can go up to $10,000. Make it safer for employees and customers calling your business.

Minimize Distractions to Increase Productivity

According to Basex research, interruptions consume 28% of a knowledge worker’s day. Do you have team members being interrupted just to transfer a call to someone else? Automate routine call transfers and repetitive inquiries and get back to focusing on high value tasks.

Voice is Still # 1

Research shows that voice is the number one customer service channel, and when calls are made to a business it is often due to a failed communication over an alternate channel.  This makes it of even greater importance to service callers quickly and minimize any customer frustration.

Happier Agents = Happier Customers

Based on Forrester’s Top Trends for Customer Service, the agent experience is no longer an afterthought. Agents want focus on solving the customer’s issues and delivering differentiated service. Automate mundane requests and allow agents to focus on solving complex issues.

Lower Average Call Times

Use SpeechBridge to automate identifying a caller before transferring to an agent. This allows you to lower the amount of time needed with live agents and shorten wait times in queue. You may even discover inquiries that can be completely automated.



“Personally, I wasn’t sure speech recognition was the way to go, but I have to admit SpeechBridge has exceeded my expectations. We tested different accents and various names we thought the system might struggle with prior to purchase. Now we are looking to enhance employee collaboration and increasing productivity with hands-free access to other enterprise applications.”
  – Denise Brunner
Director of Telecom


“We just passed our first anniversary since deploying SpeechBridge and serviced hundreds of thousands of inquiries with zero downtime.”
  – Andrew Jones
Director of Technology
Applus+ Technologies


“We wanted a simple way to help callers reach the right team member and minimize employee distractions. SpeechBridge met all of our needs and was a seamless enhancement to our phone system.”
  – Cliff Hastings
Director of IT
Interact for Health

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